Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Shower Enclosure

A shower enclosure or cubicle is a vital bathroom enhancement that makes your bathroom look luxurious. The enclosure also prevents water from spreading outside the shower. That way, your bathroom becomes safer since the chances of slip and fall injuries reduce. Additionally, a shower enclosure saves you from frequent wiping of the water to keep the bathroom dry. Shower enclosures come in various designs and sizes, and picking the ideal cubicle may not be easy. To make the selection of shower enclosures easier, here are essential factors to take into consideration.


When choosing a shower enclosure, your bathroom space is an important consideration to make. If you have a small shower space, an over-bath shower cubicle would be ideal. Mirrored glass shower enclosures are another excellent option for small showers. The mirrors allow you to see the entire bathroom and reflect light, thus creating an illusion of a bigger space. You'll also come across various cubicle designs such as rectangular, quadrant, and square cubicles. Quadrant or curved cubicles work well in small spaces, while rectangular booths are ideal for larger bathrooms.


The positioning of your shower cubicle also matters. Ideally, a recess or alcove can help you utilize your bathroom space accordingly. Additionally, you can choose a corner enclosure and pick attractive and classy cubicle designs so that your shower doesn't look isolated and cramped up. If you want centrally placed shower enclosures, you'll have to consider factors such as the number of panels on the shower doors. The more the panels, the more attractive the doors look. Also, consider whether you want pivotal, sliding, or hinged doors.


Each shower cubicle has a unique price depending on the size, design, and type. For instance, enclosures that feature thick tempered glass may cost more than a wooden enclosure since the installations are safe and durable. Additionally, the costs vary across different shower cubicle dealers. Therefore, you should compare different prices to identify affordable options.


While the bathroom size and style of your shower influence the choice of shower enclosures, you should also consider the design. You need to pick a shower cubicle design that's stylish and attractive. For instance, if you want a cubicle for a master bath, a walk-in shower enclosure is an ideal option to achieve a modern look. If the shower cubicle is for a shared bathroom, choose an enclosure that can withstand regular closing and opening.

Space, position, budget, and design are factors to put into account when selecting shower enclosures. Once you consider these factors, you can choose an ideal shower enclosure.

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