Having Your Leaky Windows Repaired

Do you have leaky windows that have accumulated moisture between the glass panes? In some cases, people opt to simply have these windows replaced. However, there are companies that will instead repair these damaged, leaky windows. Here are some questions you might have if you are thinking about having your glass windows repaired.

How will be window company repair the windows?

To understand how these windows are repaired, you first need to understand how and why they are leaky. When there is moisture between the glass, it is often because the glass has separated from the window sash in at least one area. There may be a separation in just one of the glass panes, or in both. This separation only has to be large enough to let in some air. If that air is humid, then some moisture will eventually condense out of it, and that's the moisture you're seeing in the windows. 

To repair the windows, a glass company will first make a small hole somewhere in the glass. Through this hole, they will pump warm, dry air, which will cause all of the condensation to evaporate. They'll then suction that humid air out from between the glass panes, effectively removing the condensation. Then, they will plug the tiny hole they created. Finally, they will locate the area where the glass was leaking, and they'll seal that area, often by caulking it or applying an adhesive.

What are the advantages of repairing leaky windows instead of replacing them?

The primary advantage is that this approach is often cheaper than replacing the windows. If your windows are past their warranty, which they often are by the time they start leaking, then you'll have to pay for repairs or replacement out of pocket — so the less expensive option also makes sense.

This approach also ensures the windows in your home continue to match. If you were instead to replace the leaky window, the replacement might look different from your other windows. Replacing all of your windows would be a way around this, but that would be silly if most of your windows are still well sealed and in good shape.

If you have a leaky window with condensation between the glass panes, contact a window repair company in your area such as Broadview Glass Window & Door. In many cases, having the window repaired makes sense, and the process is not as complicated as you might assume.

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