3 Tips To Help You Keep Your Glass Shower Doors Sparkling Clean

Glass shower doors can easily improve the look of any bathroom. However, if you want to continue enjoying the beauty that these doors offer, you will need to keep the glass clean from soap scum and dirt. Thankfully, this task can be much easier than you may think when you choose to use the three tips below.

Tip #1: Trade Your Bar Of Soap In For Liquid Body Wash

If you use bar soap in the shower, this could result in soap scum building up on your glass shower doors. This is because bar soap contains talc which is responsible for the formation of soap scum. While you can choose to scrub away this soap scum on a daily basis, it is often much easier to simply take steps to prevent the buildup of soap scum in the first place. The easiest way to do this is to discontinue your use of bar soap and begin using a liquid body wash instead. Since these liquid soap products do not contain talc there is no need to worry about soap scum creating a film over your glass doors. 

Tip #2: Treat Your Glass With A Water Repellent

If water drops are allowed to sit on your glass and dry they will often leave behind water spots. This problem can be far worse if your home has hard water. In fact, mineral deposits left behind by hard water can permanently etch the surface of your glass shower doors if water is allowed to remain on the glass. Treating your glass with a water repellent can help to prevent this problem by ensuring that water is not allowed to simply sit on your glass shower doors. This is the same type of product that is used to make rainwater roll off your car's windshield. While it is possible to apply this type of glass treatment on your own, it is best to have this task done by a professional since these products can create a very slick surface if any of it is allowed to get onto your tub or tiles. 

Tip #3: Spray Glass With Vinegar And Water Solution After Each Shower

Keeping your glass shower doors clean from dirt and debris can be quite simple when you choose to spray the glass with a mild solution of water and white vinegar after each shower. Simply keep a bottle with this homemade solution nearby and spray the glass in its entirety before you exit the shower each day. For best results, you can remove the solution using a squeegee.  

For more information about glass shower doors, contact a local company. 

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