2 Reasons You Should Not Use A DIY Repair Kit To Fix Your Home's Broken Window Glass

After feeling a bit of a draft, you may have investigated and discovered that one of your home's windows has a crack in the glass. Because you want to save money and enjoy do-it-yourself (DIY) projects around the house, you may have decided that you will pick up a DIY repair kit and use it to fix the glass yourself.

However, before you purchase the kit, you may want to rethink trying to fix the glass yourself. There are a couple of reasons why you should not use a DIY repair kit to fix the cracked window and instead hire a professional repair service.

1. Materials Included in the Repair Kit Are Often Low-Quality and Will Yellow and Break Over Time 

One reason why you should forget about using a DIY kit to repair your home's cracked window glass is that the materials included in the kit are often lower quality than their professional-grade counterparts. Usually, the best glazes, fillers, and films are reserved for professionals, while the kits contain what is left over.

Because of the lower-quality materials, the patch you put on the window will usually start to yellow over time. Also, the filler and film will start to break apart, requiring that you either patch it again or call a repair service to fully fix it correctly.

2. Amateur Repair Using a Kit Will Decrease the Energy Efficiency of the Window

Another reason to forego using a DIY kit is that you risk losing the energy efficiency of the window. When an amateur attempts to repair a window that has double or triple panes, they are more likely to cause damage to the parts that make the window energy efficient.

For example, if you inadvertently press on the crack while filling it, you may release the gas between the panes that acts as an insulator. Or, you may damage the glaze, creating more drafts than were present with just the crack. A professional knows how to repair the window while still maintaining its integrity and energy efficiency.

While you may believe that you are saving money by repairing your home's cracked window using a DIY repair kit, you may lose money in the long run on energy bills because of the loss of energy efficiency. The repairs also may not last because of low-quality materials in the kit that will yellow and break over time. Instead of trying to do it yourself, contact a business in your area that offers residential window glass repair service to have a professional fix the crack in the glass for you.

Contact a local residential window repair service to learn more. 

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