Top Reasons Why Glass Shower Enclosures Are Ideal For Rental Units

If you're building rental units, or if you are making improvements to the bathrooms in your rental units, one thing you will need to decide is whether or not you want to install glass shower enclosures. Because they can be a bit more expensive than a standard shower and shower curtain, you might be thinking that you don't want to take this route with your rental unit showers. However, they could actually be ideal for your rental unit bathrooms for all of these reasons.

They Make Small Bathrooms Look Bigger

If your rental units are like many, they might have smaller bathrooms. This can be a bit of a turnoff for potential tenants. However, there are certain things you can do to make small rental unit bathrooms look bigger, which can make your units more appealing for those who are looking for a rental. Glass shower enclosures are great for making small bathrooms look bigger and more spacious, so you could find this improvement will help greatly.

They Help Prevent Water Damage

Water damage can be very expensive in your rental units. If your tenants have to use a shower curtain, there is a bigger chance of water flowing out of the shower and onto the floor. This could lead to mold growth, rotten building materials, and all sorts of issues. If you install glass shower enclosures in all of your rental unit bathrooms, you can help cut down on the chances of water damage being an issue. This can save you a lot of money.

They Improve Property Values

Of course, you probably look at your rental units as being an investment. In addition to renting them out to tenants so you can bring in a monthly income, you probably want to do what you can, when you can, to improve the value of these properties. Installing glass shower enclosures in the bathrooms is just one more thing you can do to improve property values.

As you can see, glass shower enclosures are ideal for rental units. If you are in the process of improving your rental units, installing glass shower enclosures in all of the full bathrooms could prove to be a good choice. If you work with a bathroom renovation contractor or someone who specializes in shower glass, you should be able to get a quote for these installations, and they can help you with making arrangements to get this improvement done in each of your rental units.

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